The Tatha Gallery

Welcome to the Tatha Gallery. We specialise in bringing wonderful work to your attention. We aim to encourage the enjoyment of the visual arts with the firm belief that access to art has the capacity to change lives. We are passionate about the the work and the artists at the gallery and want to share it with you knowing  it has the power to resonate with both the local and international audience from the very young to the elderly. The galleries exhibition programme illuminates a diverse range of subject matter and ideas. Visiting us will surely be a feast for the eyes as well as for the senses.

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Opening Hours:
Monday10:30 - 5
Wednesday10:30 - 5
Thursday10:30 - 5
Friday10:30 - 5
Saturday10:30 - 5

Any other times by appointment.
What’s Going On
The idea for ‘beginnings’ might seem an ...
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