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The idea for ‘beginnings’ might seem an obvious one since it is the title of out inaugural show but it has roots that go a little deeper than the simple definition of the word.

Here we are bringing together several different component parts; Artists, the public and location. When brought together like the fusion of molecules in an unpredictable system they mutually re-inforce each other. They make a lot of noise and create energy. The gallery and this exhibition is dependent on the interaction of all elements, we see it as a dynamic system and hopefully this exhibition will go someway to emulating the butterfly effect and begin to let people see the effects that art can have through the use of colour, form, line and texture and concept.

I am delighted to announce the forth-coming show opening on April 25th 2014 celebrating the wonderful work by three Scottish Artists; Alan Robb RSA, Doug Cocker RSA and Joyce Cairns RSA. The show promises not to compromise but to inspire.  The TATHA Gallery are delighted to present these atoms of delight.

Alan Robb RSA. Ze / Palladio” acrylic on canvas 60x60 cms 2010

Alan Robb RSA. Ze / Palladio” acrylic on canvas 60×60 cms 2010

Date: 2014-04-25
Time: 7pm
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The idea for ‘beginnings’ might seem an ...
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